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Sedation helps patients who experience fear or anxiety, so they can leave our dental office feeling relaxed. Sedation can also help ensure we are able to effectively treat children or those with disabilities who are unable to sit still for procedures. Finally, sedation dentistry may be effective when a patient has multiple procedures or a long procedure. Sedation is a safe and effective way to manage pain and anxiety during dental procedures. Our dental team can provide you with additional information to help you decide whether sedation dentistry is a good option in your treatment plan. We will also provide you with information about how to prepare for sedation to make sure it’s effective for you. 

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IV Sedation Dentistry

In IV sedation dentistry, we administer a sedative directly through an IV (intravenous or “in the veins”) delivery system. Under IV sedation, you will feel calm and drowsy but will remain conscious throughout the procedure. IV sedation won’t wear off immediately, so be sure to plan to have a ride home after your procedure if you’re receiving it. 

Nitrous Oxide Dentistry

Nitrous oxide (also commonly called “laughing gas”) is delivered as a gas through a small plastic mask that fits over the nose and mouth. It can be highly effective for children and patients who experience anxiety about receiving needles. After the mask is removed, it only takes a few minutes for the sedation to wear off, leaving patients ready to go about the rest of the day as they normally would.

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